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Arizona Highways July 1975  
Indian Basket Weaving: Navajo School  
Plaited Basketry: The Woven Form LaPlatz, Shereen
Indian Basket Weaving: Pomo, Yurok, Pima Navajo Newman, Sandra Corrie



NOTAN: The Dark-Light Principle of Design Bothwell, Dorr & Frey, Marlys
The Makers Hand: A Close Look at Textile Structures Collingwood, Peter
Woven Works Hamamura, John & Susan
ITTEN: The Elements of Color Itten, Johannes
The Enjoyment & Use of Color Sargent, Walter
Interaction for Handweavers Sullivan, Donna
Color Exercise of the Weaver: How Yarn Colors Interact on the Loom Weigle, Palmy



Master Weave Sturctures Alderman, Sharon
Cut My Cote Burnham, Dorothy
Applying the Pulled Warp Technique to Loom-Shaped Clothing Evans, Kerry
Treadled Toggs Evans, Kerry
Clothing: Hand Woven Approach Hamaker, Barbara
Clothing: From the Hands that Weave Mayer, Anita
Five: Ethnic Patterns Porcella, Yvonne
Plus Five: Ethnic Patterns Porcella, Yvonne
Hand Woven Designer Patterns: Jackets & Blouses Scorgie, Jean
Hand Woven Designer Patterns: Simple Skirts Scorgie, Jean
Designing to Weave & Sew Scorgie, Jean
Weavers Wearables West, Virginia
Weaving You Can Wear Wilson, Jean



Color Interaction for Handweavers  
Double Weave Barrett, Clotilde
Double Weave Basics Moore, Jennifer
Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way Ashenden, Becky
(The) Gentle Art of Plying Mac Kenzie, Judith
Hand Spinning Advanced Techniques  
Handwoven Structure & Pattern  
Kumihimo – Japanese Braiding Owen, Rodrik
Loom Owners Companion – Maintenance & Repair Knisely, Tom
Navajo Weaving Parts I & II Walker-Maloney
(In) Praise of Simple Cloth Buchanan, Rita
Rug Weaving: Block Weaves & Shaft Switching Collingwood, Jason
Spin to Weave Lamb, Sara
Spinning & Weaving the Ashford Way  
Spinning Wool Basics & Beyond  
Start of Spinning Casey, Maggie & Jang, Eunny
Tapestry Crochet Moore, Jennifer
Triangle Frame Loom: Weaving Magic  
Warping Your Loom Van Der Hoogt, Madelyn
Warp Painting Plus – Garment Design & Construction Tips Freeman, Mollie
Weaving Four-Selvage Textiles Stanley, Martha



Natural Dyes & Home Dyeing Adrosko, Rita
IKAT Technique Battenfielt, Jackie
Rocky Mountain Dye Plants Bliss, Anne
Dye Plants & Dyeing Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Navajo Native Dyes: Their Preparations & Use Bryan, Nonabah
Hopi Dyes Colton, Mary Russell Ferrell
Your Yarn Dyeing Davenport, Elsie
The Dye Pot Davidson, Mary Frances
Painting Warps Farrow, Hazel
Blue Prints of Fabric: Uses for Cyanotype Hewett, Barbara
The Complete Illustrated Book of Dyes from Natural Sources Krochmal, Arnold & Connie
Hopi Dyes Vinroot, Sally & Crowder, Jennie
California Dye Plants Wilkins, Marilyn



Techniques of Guatemalan Weaving Bjerregaard, Lena
Bolivian Highland Weaving Cason, Marjorie & Chandler, Adele
Textiles of Ancient Peru D’Harcourt, Raoul
Warp & Weft from Tibet King, William
The Art of TAANIKO Weaving Mead, S. M.
Backstrap Weaving: Northern Ecuador Redwood



In Celebration of the Curious Mind Blinks, Anne
Keep me Warm at Night: Early Hand Weaving in Eastern Canada Burnham, Harold & Dorothy
The Textile Tools of Colonial Homes Channing, Marion
Magic in the Water: Wet Finishing Hand Wovens (with CD & Swatches) Fry, Laura
Weaving: A Handbook of the Fiber Arts Held, Shirley
The Pleasure of Pattern Justema, William
Hands on Weaving Lieber, Barbara
The Shuttle-Craft Book of American Hand Weaving (2) Meigs Atwater, Mary
Grammar of Textile Design Nisbet, H.
Creative Hand Weaving Parker, Xenia Ley
Loom Book: Building A Loom Reed, Tim
Knitters’, Crocheters’, Weavers’ & Spinners’: 2006 Travel Guide Ross, John T.
The Weaving Rose of Rohde Island Safner, Isadora M.
The Rug in Islamic Art Temple Newsam House



Master Weave Sturctures Alderman, Sharon
Byways in Hand-Weaving Atwater, Mary Meigs
Thick Atwater, Mary Meigs
Recipe Book: Patterns for Hand Weavers Atwater, Mary Meigs
The Shuttle Craft Book Atwater, Mary Meigs
The Key To Weaving (2) Desin
The New Key to Weaving (2) Black, Mary
Functional Overshot Blum, Grace
The Weaving Book: Patterns & Ideas Bress, Helen
Learning To Weave (6) Chandler, Deborah
Manuel of Swedish Hand Weaving Cyrus, Ulla
A Hand Weavers Pattern Book (2) Davison, Margarite
Weaving & Spinning Deutch, Yvonne
The Handweaver’s Pattern Book Dixon, Anne
Miniature Patterns for Handweaving PART 1 & PART 2 Estes, Josephine
Designing and Drafting Handweavers Fry, Berta
Warping All by Yourself Garrett, Cay
Foundation of Weaving Halsey, Mike & Youngmark, Lore
Saori Jo, Misao & Kenzo
A Book of Patterns for Handweaving (2) Landes, John
More than Four: A Book of Multiple Harness Weavers Laughlin, Mary Elizabeth
Hands on Weaving Liebler, Barbara
Hand Woven Lace Mueller, Donna
The Craft of Hand Weaving Plath, Iona
A Hand Weavers Source Book Porter, Margariet
Learning To Weave (3) Redding, Debbie
Warping on a Shoestring Sanders, Nadine
Swedish Handweaving Selander, Malin
Swedish Swatches Selander, Malin
Weave Wear Selander, Malin
The Weavers Craft Simpson, L.E. & Weir, M.
A Weaver’s Book: 8 Shaft Patterns Strickler, Carol
Weaving in minature Strickler, Carol & Taggart, Barbara
Rep Weave & Beyond Tallarovic, Joanne
The Best of Weavers: Huck Lace Van der Hoogt, Madelyn
The Best of Weavers: The Magic of Double Weave Van der Hoogt, Madelyn
The Best of Weavers: Thick and Thin Van der Hoogt, Madelyn
The Complete Book of Drafting for Handweavers Van der Hoogt, Madelyn
Doubleweave The Weavers Studio Weaver’s Studio
Finishing Touches West, Virginia
Weaving for Anyone’ Wilson, Jean
Weaving is Fun (2) Wilson, Jean
Weaving is Creative Wilson, Jean


Navajo Rugs Arizona Highway Magazine
Navajo Weaving (2) Avery Amsden, Charles
The Weavers Pathway: A Clarification of the “Spirit Trail” in Navajo Weaving Bennett, Noel
Working with Navajo Wool: How to Weave a Navajo Rug (2) Bennett, Noel & Big Horse, Tiana
Navajo Weaving Today Dutton, Bertha
Navajo Techniques for Today’s Weavers Mattern, Joanne
The Story of Navajo Weaving Peck Kent, Kate
Navajo & Hopi Weaving Techniques Pendleton, Mary
Navajo Shepherd & Weaving Richard, Gladys
Native American Indian Crafts Women’s Day Magazine



Off Loom Weaving Binder of Pattern Books
Inkle Weaving Bress, Helene
Techniques of Tablet Weaving Collingwood, Peter
Card Weaving Crockett, Candace
Texture & Patterns for Ridged Heddle Loom Davenport, Betty Linn
Plaiting: Step-by-Step Glashausser, Suellen & Westfall, Carol
Ashford Book of Ridged Heddle Weaving Hart, Rowena
Weaving Without a Loom Rainey, Sarita
The Warp-Weighted Loom Robin & Russ Handweavers
Tablet Weaving: Step-by-Step Snow, Marjorie & William
Ridged Heddle Weaving Swanson, Karen
Back Strap Weaving Taber, Barbara &
Weaving Inkle Bands Tidball, Harriet
Finger Weaving: Indian Braiding Turner, Alta
Designing from Nature Warner Dendel, Esther
The Weaver’s Inkle Pattern Directory 400 Warp-Faced Weaves Dixon, Anne
The Handweaver’s Source Book Allen, Laura
The Coverlet Book: Early American Handwoven Coverlets – Vol 1 & 2 Bress, Helene
Keep Me Warm at Night: Early Hand Weaving in Canada Burnham, Harold & Dorothy



Rug Making: Techniques & Designing Allard, Mary
Rug Weaving Techniques: Beyond the Basics Allen, Doris
The Techniques of Rug Weaving Collingwood, Peter
Contemporary Rugs Collingwood, Peter
Rug Weaving for Everyone (2) Farr, Bourne, Leslie
Twined Rag Rugs Gallagher/DeDeo
The Basic Book of Finger Weaving Warner Dendel, Esther
The Basic Book of Twining Warner Dendel, Esther



Spinning Wheel Primer Amos, Alden
Wool Away: The Art & Techinque of Shearing Bowen, Godfrey
Spinning Wheel Primer Castion, Ruth
Felt Making Gordon, Beverly
Handspinner’s Hand Book Hochberg, Bette
Handspindles Hochberg, Bette
Carding, Spinning, Dyeing Hoppe, Elizabeth & Ederg, Ragnar
Fleece in Your Hands Horne, Beverly
Spinner’s Companion: Spin-off Magazine Presents Irwin, Bobbie
The Handspun Project Book Kahn, Deborah
The Joy of Spinning Kluger, Marilyn
Encyclopedia of Hand Spinning Ross, Mabel
The Hand Spinners Guide to Selling Simmons, Paula



Technique of Woven Tapestry Beutlich, Tadek
The Tapestries of Turde Guermonprey Bray, Hazel
Weaving a Tapestry Brostoff, Laya
Mexican Tapestry Weaving Hall, Joanne
Tapestries from Egypt Hamlyn, Paul
The Guide to Successful Tapestry Weaving Harvey, Nancy
Patterns for Tapestry Weaving Harter, Joyce & Sanders, Nadine
Weaving that Sings: Variation on the Theo Moorman Technique Keasbey, Dora May
Sheer Delight – Handwoven Transparencies Moorman, Theo
Weaving as an Art Form Pearson, Alec
The Complete Book of Tapestry Weaving Pianzola, Maurice & Coffinet, Julien
Tapestry: Craft & Art Rhodes, Mary
Small Woven Tapestries Walker, Jeanne Claire
Transparent Tapestries: Ancient Art; Modern Method Winslow, Heather



Band Weaving – Level I
Card Weaving
Double Weave
Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way
Hand Spinning – Advanced
Garments to Weave and How to Weave Them
KUMIHMO: Japanese Braiding
Navajo Weaving
Rug Weaving: Block Weaves and Shaft Switching
Spinning Wool: Basics and Beyond
Tapestry Techniques for Rug Weaving
Triangle Frame Loom Weaving Magic
Warp Painting Plus: Garment Design and Construction Tips
Weaving for Selvedge on Our Looms with Martha Stanley



Design & The Handweaver Atwater, Mary Meigs
Handwoven Embroidery Weavers Beck, Dorothy & Chase, Hazel
The Sett & Weaving of Tartans Black, Mary
Course in Double Weave Boesel, Ingrid
Scotch Tartan Setts Douglas, Harriet C.
The Versatility of 3H Weavers Erdman, Anne
Linen Heirlooms Gallagher, Constance
Our Scottish District Checks Harrison, E. S.
Complete Book of Bertha Hayes Patterns (4) Hayes, Bertha
Scarves: Hand Woven Interweave
Harness Lace Nass, Ulla
Four-Harness Huck Heher, Evelyn
1000 (+) Patterns: 4, 6, 8 Harness Shadow Weaves Powell, Marian
Handweaving Patterns from Finland Pyysalo, Hezvi & Merisalo, Viivi
Sprang: Thread Twisting Skowronski, Hella & Reddy, Mary
Lace & Lacey Weaves Snyder, Mary
The Crackle Weave Snyder, Mary
The Handloom Weaves Tidball, Harriet
Patterns of Pick-Up Tidball, Harriet
Summer & Winter: And Other Two Tie Unit Weaves Tidball, Harriet
Supplementary Warp Patterning Tidball, Harriet
Surface Interest Tidball, Harriet
Textile Structure & Analysis: Home Study Course in 12 Lessons Tidball, Harriet
Thomas Jackson Weaver: 17th & 18th Century Records (2) Tidball, Harriet
Weavers Book of Scottish Tartans Tidball, Harriet
Woolens & Tweeds Tidball, Harriet
Hand Woven Fabric Van der Hoogt, Marilyn
The Pile Weavers Wilson, Jean
Complete Book of Bertha Hayes Patterns Wilson, Jean
How to Weave Linens Worst, Edward



Premier, Vol 1 Kit, Color Belt, Details, Variations, Tips, Tabby
Vol 1 #2: Point Twill, Fiesta Towels, Selvedges, Threading Heddles
Vol 1 #3: Canvas Weave, Huck, Swedish Lace, Weaving to Measure
Vol 1 #4: Warping from the Front, Potpourri Warp Pillows
Vol 1 #5: Easy Plaids, Winding On, Tying on a New Warp
Vol 1 #6: Weaving & Fulling Wool, Weaving Soft Stretchy Yarns, Origami Pillows, Long Narrow Warps, Hints Take-up Shrinkage
Vol 2 #1: Weaving Overshot, Drawdowns, Designing a Name Draft
Vol 2 #2: Gingham Towels, Changing Yarn Size, Little Helpers
Vol 2 #3: Easy Inlays, Scarves with Stars, Gifts with Flowers
Vol 2 #4: Blankets, Brushing Fabrics, Double Weave Variations
Vol 3 #1: Complementary Plalin Weave; Using Color Swatch Charts
Vol 4 #1: Leno, Mexican Lace, Brooks Bouquets, Leno Motifs
Vol 4 #2: Four-Shaft Twill Sampler, Sampler Hand Towels
Vol 4 #3: Summer & Winter, Easy Pick-Up Techniques
Vol 4 #4: Kitchen Dye Techniques, Painted Yarns, Loopy Yarns
Vol 5 #1: Bias Cloth Strips, Monks Belt, Changing Yarn Sizes
Issue #17: Twill and Basket Weave Towels, End Finishes, Towel Sizes
Issue #18: Threading, Design Keys, Treading, Selvages
Issue #19: Log Cabin, Ripsatta, Shadow Weave, Weft Interlocks
Issue #20: Danish Medallion, Easy Accents, Hiding Yarn Tails
Issue #21: Single Rows Alternating, Pairs of Rows Alternating, Graphs
Issue #22: Designing Easy Treadings, Optimizing Floating Selvedges
Issue #23: Designing Barleycorn, Special Selvedges for Barleycorn
Issue #24: Mock Satin, 2 Pick-Up Methods, 8-Sharf Damask
Issue #25: Rag Rugs, Double Corduroy, Swedish Block Weave
Issue #26: Turning a Draft, Threads Sharing Dents, Reading Drafts
Issue #27: Baby Blankets, Weft Angle & Draw-In, Sizes of Knitting Yarn
Issue #28: Swivel, Petit Point, Related Laces
Issue #29: Threadings, Treadling, Edge Finishes



Volume XLIII; #2, Issue 170, Spring 2012
Volume XLIII; #4, Issue 172, Fall 2012